Our Fees

Mudgway Chiropractic is ACC registered and can initiate claims for accidents without a GP referral.

Consultation Type and Fees

Adult Initial Consultation

Adult Standard Visit

Child Initial Consultation

Child Standard Visit

Infant Initial Consultation
(Including Cranial Examination)

Infant Standard Visit

X-rays x2

X-rays x4

Adult ACC Initial Consult

Adult ACC Standard Visit

Child Initial ACC Consult

Child ACC Standard Visit

ACC Patients

If you have had an accident and your chiropractic care is to be covered, you will be asked to pay a surcharge on each of your visits. ACC allocate a certain number of visits depending on your injury.

Payment at Time of Service

Patients are responsible for full payment at the time of service. All professional services are charged to the client receiving the care. We accept cash, credit cards and EFTPOS. Any other arrangements can be discussed with your chiropractor or our office team.

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